Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Colours Drawn From This Age Externa

Colours drawn from this age externa, pipetted into my introspection,
Dodge ball with yellow and purple enclosure, at Gravity Force, Camberley.

I contemplate my shame â€” my poems, abstruse, passing for espionage, and how I would betray my country yet, so to belong; how I might be induced to perform iconoclasm on a tender portrait, or be the draw-away for a spirit here to tend his son. Read a precariat’s works, Belonging, Hard Times and The Draw-away, and understand that to be free of shame, eternity must be what his mind takes in at moments.

Eternity's motifs: end times (illusive chaos),
Paul Lee's soda can surveillance camera, Amos
Yee and Softy Sir from the School Fun comic;
Etymological miasma,
Svengali, Rasputin and Mesmer;
And Softy Sir from the School Fun comic.