Saturday, June 25, 2016

Perpending the Referendum

Conjuncture, episode, eschaton,
At Bluebird of Chelsea, traders batten on
The workers,
Expect Bob Crow to self-certify and abstain;
And they have Moët and crab's claw,
By laissez-faire countenance outlaw
Keynesianism; And who shall take us out,
Nietzsche, or Cromwell,
O who will betray us now?
My muse from Belarus,
Professor Green in a Canada Goose
Coat is talking to the homeless refugee,
And I say:
If we have power,
Let us make right decisions!—
Let us take care of the boy of 15,
Migrated to here from Iran,
Whose father was executed, slowly
By a diabolical Hiab crane.
The epigones of Tony Benn are demonised for voting Leave,
And, thin-skinned, as blundering vindicators of Farage, they grieve.