Tuesday, August 08, 2017


Years 1 to 17: all een
Years 18 to 34: all null
Years 35 to 45: all een

A pie, Low Saxon, up high on my skull,
Through a lifetime’s noise, either “een” or “null”
Notch each year – remnants of a lifetime’s noise.

“Een” is happy and “null” is not, up high,
At the apex of the sutures, then I
Felt for one weary width no worthy joys.

And how long and wide, all null, this next block?
Foregone, does my outré confession shock
Those who loved me in years after the boy’s

Notches were made? I was not happy, friend,
In our time. These blocks of een and null bend
Like a triskelion’s legs, when, in poise,

This next block is coming.