Sunday, November 03, 2013

Festive song

My voice was once compared to Jona Lewie's in an "album" review. I actually think his voice is far lovelier, having a very pleasing bluntness to its shape, but I was curious to hear myself singing one of his songs. Here, for streaming or download, is my version of his famous Christmas hit, kept off the number one slot by John Lennon who was killed around the time of its 1980 release.

As well as singing the words of the original, I have written two extra verses in order to extend the "unknown soldier" motif. I again bring in Jona's mysterious "sweetheart" character, Mary Bradley.

Additional verses for Jona Lewie’s “Stop the Cavalry”

Mary Bradley Manning Chelsea Manning –
All so helplessly
Wait at home or release cables,
Can you stop the cavalry?

Yes Mary Bradley Waits at home, and now that the whistle's blown,
I just want to be dancing in the arms of the girl I love.

I met a starving boy in Yarmouk who forsook
His future existentially:
"Make chemical weapons smell of bread,

Or can you stop the cavalry?"