Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Irresponsible Revolutionist

How will I, as irresponsible revolutionist, militate against the rolling back of historical progress?
I cannot assume in advance that anything will change, nor do I anticipate acceptance – there is no prolepsis –
Am alive to rain of the thaw, chugging dragsaw, far as Bransgore, and pass over what I shall do, no burden to confess.
I read books by glimpsing. All my adult life, I have done so. I shall live thus. Raindrops fall from the leaves only, and yet this
Approximate rain, in its velocity and distribution, convinces me, even as I walk in the dry spaces
In between each tree, that it is raining, raining out of sky. Disclaiming, I hear the chugging dragsaw, and do not admit
Even to myself what I will do.