Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Verity Limo is the name of one of the characters in my new book.

Summer 2001, I travelled from Chesterfield, England, to work as the sound recordist for a film being shot on the Croatian island of Silba. Soon after arriving, I befriended a young woman called Romina, a friend of the director's, who was working part time as part of the crew, whilst she also enjoyed a holiday on the island with her husband, Andrej.

Andrej's family had a house on Silba, and Romina told me that some woodlice had made their nest under a pile of logs next to an olive tree in the garden. I was invited round to play chess and to record the faint crepitating sound of the woodlice.

At the end of the shoot, as I was about to board the ship to leave, Andrej handed me this old photo. He told me that when his family had bought the house, he had found it tucked beneath the wrapping paper used to line a drawer in his bedside chest.

Written on the back of it is a note, and the signature, VL.

And here, the photo that Andrej found;
Verity Limo and the elfmill sound
Of woodlice ...

Verity Limo.